About Us


The Tint XXperts was founded in Auburn in 1994, and are located in Auburn for 20 YEARS in August, 2014.

In March of 2006, we have added our second Location in Renton.
We tint for 15 dealerships.  All our vehicles have lifetime warranties.*

We have won awards for over ten years, which are featured on our photo section of our website.

We want your car to look great, whether it is a brand new vehicle, or if it has been around or awhile, like us.  

We want you to be excited about the new look of your car.

If you need dark tint, can we tint dark - yes, we can.
Can we tint specialty, such as Quantum, or Marquise.

We have films that match your rear windows on trucks right on.

We can take care of your tint, so, get on down here, -
We want you to be more than thrilled with your tint.

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